1:1 Empowerment Coaching

"You aren't the person you used to be, but you are the person you've always been"

Business is never linear.

We like to think it is, because it gives us confidence in a “do this, and that will happen” type of experience. But it never really plays out that way. 

Just like your Astrology chart is unique to you, so is your path in business (and life!). 

Your success comes from going within, and tapping into your strengths and power. You are connected to Source, and through this connection, you have all the knowledge and know-how you need, and ever will need. 

Everything is already inside you. All you need to do now, is peel away the things that aren’t serving you anymore (thoughts, ideas, beliefs, habits, etc), so you can get to your solid foundation and build from a place of confidence. 

This is what we’ll do, together.

I’m simply a guide, to help you, and empower you, on your journey of transformation. 

When you can’t see the next move, I’ll guide you to discover it. 

When you don’t know the answer, I’ll help you look for it within. 

When you need the confidence to keep going toward your dreams & goals, I’ll walk beside you. 

Are you ready...

  • Uncover your truth - your goals, dreams, desires, and also your special sauce and what you’re destined to be creating in this lifetime
  • Shatter your limiting beliefs and the dark shadows that are holding you back
  • Align your energy to your goals so you can achieve everything you want + more!
  • Collapse time and transport into “future you”
  • Create a plan for your business that flows with your energy, not against it
  • Dive deep into the entrepreneurial aspects of your Natal birth chart, to discover your unique career & money styles
  • Design the ideal business name, based on numerology, to harness the power of its collective success
  • Discover a workweek schedule that leaves you feeling excited & energized, not drained and burnt out

Through all that, I’ll stay with you every step, in your DMs, Voxer, email, text - whatever way you prefer! - to hold you accountable to yourself and your future self. 

This is about you stepping into the person you already are, and expressing your power. 

“You aren’t the person you used to be, but you are the person you’ve always been.”

Does this excite you? 

It’s a 6 month commitment, and a 5-figure investment in YOU. 

If you’re ready to learn more, fill out the 4 question application below, and I’ll get in touch. It’s a no-pressure conversation, I promise. I just want us to explore the possibly of what you could accomplish if we worked on it together. 

Amy Adams | amy.digital

I look forward to connecting with you.

Talk soon!

xx Amy


Three (3) Spots Available in September 2023