My guided & subliminal meditation audios can be used to train your brain, heal yourself & your loved ones, or boost your focus & resolve with subliminal affirmations.

Meditation Audios

NEW MOON affirmations - Subliminal Meditation mp3 - $11.11

Amplify new moon energy, welcome new possibilities & beginnings, and tap into your intuition with this 33 minute meditation. Listen while you work or sleep. Learn More

FULL MOON affirmations - Subliminal Meditation mp3 - $11.11

Tap into the power of the full moon to release the old, declutter your mind & life, and reflect on your past (as it relates to your future). Learn More

"Pet Healing" Guided Meditation mp3 - $9.99

A 9 minute meditation to guide you through healing your pet with your love & energy.  Use for pain reduction too. Learn More