My Gratitude Group is a free Telegram group for sharing whatever you're grateful for in the moment

It's a quick & easy declaration of appreciation so you can begin manifesting more of what you want

This private group in Telegram is a safe place to share all that you're grateful for, big & small. Post as often as you want, or just lurk, the choice is yours. Either way you'll get inspiration and positive vibes from the group. :) 

My Gratitude Group
My Gratitude Group
My Gratitude Group

Why is Gratitude Important?

Gratitude is a powerful tool to use if you're wanting more in life. 

Think of your favorite person. It could be your spouse, sibling, friend, parent, etc. 

Now imagine that person gives you a gift, and you respond by either carelessly tossing the gift aside, or you complain that you wanted a different/better/bigger gift. 

How would that person feel? Would they want to give you more gifts? Probably not. 

The Universe is exactly the same. If you aren't grateful for what you have, it doesn't want to give you more gifts. 

Now imagine that same person giving you a gift and you light up with happiness, and tell them how much you love and appreciate their gift. Maybe you even tell them again the next time you see them. You smile & laugh, and they can see how happy their gift made you. 

They will LOVE to give you another gift in the future because they saw how grateful you were. 

Same goes for the Universe. It WANTS to give gifts to the people who smile and gush with joy & appreciation. 

So by sharing your feelings of gratitude, you're affirming to the Universe that you appreciate what you already have, and you're ready for more. 

Bonus points for declaring your gratitude publicly (it makes it more real). 

How to Use the Group

It's just like a group text! After you download the Telegram app to your phone, tablet or desktop, you can pop in anytime to share a quick win, or something you're thankful for. 

You'll also see other people's posts, and can share in their feelings of gratitude.

Note: By sharing your gratitude with others, you're strengthening your "abundance muscle." This amplifies the giving & receiving cycle in your life. 

Join the Group Now!

New to Telegram?

No worries! It's easy to use. If you can text, you can Telegram. 

It's a free app available for iOS, Android and desktop. 

You'll create an account using your phone number (not email), then you'll be ready to add friends (for private 1-to-1 texting), or to join groups, like My Gratitude Group.

If you join a group, it's just like a group text. Everyone in the group can post, and reply to other people.  

Telegram also has settings to mute or turn off notifications for the group. So it's your choice if you want to be notified every time someone shares their gratitude, or if you want to go in on your terms to skim and read the latest posts when you're ready. 

Either way, you'll benefit from the energy of the group. 

I look forward to meeting you in the group - see you soon!

xx Amy