Ready to Supercharge the New Moon Energy?

This Subliminal Meditation Amplifies the Energy of the New Moon

So you can get into "flow" and get more done in an aligned way.


+ Focus & Clarity

+ Motivation

+ Confidence

+ Intuition

Hidden Affirmations

44 positive, new moon themed, affirmations are hidden behind the soothing music.

Binaural Beats

Healing binaural beats reduce stress & anxiety, while promoting a healthy mindset.

The meditation is 33 minutes and 33 seconds long. Listen softly in the background while you're working or sleeping. The binaural beats help with healing and stress-relief, while the "hidden" affirmations power up your mindset and fuel the energies of the new moon.


Begin listening on the first day of the New Moon. Listen every day (or as often as you want) until the day before the Full Moon. I specially selected the affirmations in this meditation to reflect the energies of the New Moon around new beginnings, projects, new possibilities, shedding the old to make room for the new, etc.

You are welcome to listen to the meditation any time during the month! But it is especially powerful during the New Moon phase. :) 


  • Digital Download with immediate file delivery on purchase.
  • mp3 format works with all computers and mobile devices.
  • 44 affirmations are hidden behind a layer of soothing binaural beats - your brain hears the words, but you don't!