Send Love & Healing Energy to Your Pet

This Guided Meditation Helps to Bond You with Your Pet and Send Them Your Energy

To provide them with the comfort and love they need during this time.

Guided visualization

Amplify your love for them into a healing light you can share with them.

Provide Comfort

While I can't guarantee this meditation will heal your pet, it will provide them comfort and help to ease their pain. 


Healing results are individual and will vary based on situation, but the connection you create with your pet during this meditation is one you will remember forever. 

The meditation is 9 minutes and 20 seconds long. If you have a pet that is experiencing pain or discomfort, I recommend listening to the meditation twice a day, to help ease their pain.

Alternately, it can be used weekly, or as needed to keep healthy pets healthy.

Please note, that while I have had success with this meditation, and many people I’ve shared it with have had success, I CANNOT promise or guarantee it will heal or cure your pet.

Results are very individual, and there are many factors to consider where illness is concerned.

My hope is that this meditation will help you bond your energy with your pet to provide them with the love and comfort they need during this time.


  • Digital Download with immediate file delivery on purchase.
  • mp3 format works with all computers and mobile devices.
  • Guided meditation connects you to your pet so you can share your energy and love with them